Eco Dynamic 215/55R17


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The Waterfall Eco Dynamic is a performance and high performance, all season tire made for passenger vehicles and SUVs. Waterfall offers a 45,000 mile treadwear warranty with new tires.

The optimal tread design’s all weather traction helps to improve the fuel efficiency. The optimal tread design’s surface contact eases the pressure off the tire, minimizing the rolling resistance. The rolling resistance is the pressure which determines the vehicle’s needed fuel intake in order to keep the tires in motion. Lowering the rolling resistance allows the tire to reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emission, promoting a fuel conscious and environmentally friendly driving experience.

The all season compound and the ideal tread design boost the all weather traction. This combination increases the dry, wet and winter weather grip on the road surface, throughout the tire’s performance. The all season compound keeps the rubber flexibility in versatile temperatures, from the heat of summer to colder winter situations. The tread pattern’s siping placement also upgrade the grip on the road surface with extra biting edges. The circumferential grooves manage to disperse water and slush from the footprint. This maintains the surface contact and avoids hydroplaning throughout the tire’s performance.

The maintained road contact and the stronger construction increase the high speed controllability. The constant road maintains the surface contact while the tires are in motion, increasing the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The driver’s better control over the vehicle is ensured with the quicker and more precise steering response, while the structural stability is maintained during the drive. The reinforced construction maintains the ideal tire shape under the high speed pressure, which significantly boosts the high speed performing safety.

The Waterfall Eco Dynamic features a five-pitch variation along the tread area. The pitch sequence along the tread area helps to negate the soundwaves heard. The pitch placement generates a sound frequency that cancels the soundwaves before they can reach the vehicle’s cabin. As road disturbances do not ruin the passengers’ driving enjoyment, this promotes a quiet driving experience.


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